Travessa do Forno nº 27/29, Funchal

120 Years

Fábrica Santo António was founded in 1893. Celebrating over 120 years, the Factory has been proudly perfuming the streets of Funchal .


In 2014, under the Food Hygiene and Safety Control, the company received the "Qualiram Gold Award " in food safety and quality.


Fábrica Santo António is dedicated to producing and selling genuine products by staying true to the traditional craftsmanship of all our handmade items. Quality has always been the main ingredient.


Our store does not go unnoticed as a tourist favorite, becoming a popular "must see" attraction.

Production our products

Producing various handmade biscuits daily.

The cookies are also sold by weight, you can request the desired amount.

Combining traditional recipes with modern innovations.

The Fábrica Santo António currently produces a wide range of Cookies and Biscuits.

All these products are produced in artisanal way.

We also produces a range of gluten-free products.

Our delicious candies are made 100% by local artisans.

The most famous flavors are fennel and eucalyptus.

Our newest flavors: Honey cane , tangerine, mango, ginger, banana, passion fruit .

Fábrica Santo António is the oldest and most traditional manufacture in Funchal

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Curiosities Did You Know?


The factory was founded in 1893 and currently remains in the hands of the same family and in its sixth generation.


Since opening its doors in 1893, the Factory still remains in its original building on Travessa do Forno in Funchal.

The Secret

Remaining true and consistent to the original recipes. Everything is still made the same way to continue the traditions. Quality has always been the main ingredient.

Visit our catalog and indulge yourself with our products.

You can see all the products we have available in our store.


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